Revolutionising Social Housing with Innovative Solutions

With the persistent rise in unmet housing needs across Australia, Community Housing providers are under mounting pressure to effectively manage their available housing stock. 

Enter Proptech Labs and RACV, two innovative companies dedicated to partnering with Social Housing Providers to address the pressing challenges within the Australian social housing sector. Our intuitive solutions are revolutionising property management and maintenance, paving the way for a more promising future for communities in need.

Are you being kept awake at night by… 

Chronic Shortage of Suitable Housing  and getting new properties onto the market, will likely take years due to building backlogs, as well as material and labour shortages

Maintenance Backlogs and properties requiring extensive repairs, lead to properties are falling further and further into disrepair, and in the worst cases, becoming uninhabitable

Siloed Information and a lack of transparency, unclear or missing information on the current state of a property, along with systems that don’t talk to each other, results in many issues falling through the cracks

Solutions to overcome these challenges

RACV Trades

Using the trusted network of RACV trades to complete maintenance and repair work means you can ensure value for money, time efficiency and fast turn arounds to maximise property availability

Inspection Manager

Utilise our easy to use software designed to capture comprehensive property condition reports to track property conditions, and initiate maintenance requests with one touch integration into Bricks+Agent enabling proactive maintenance interventions to prevent costly repairs and ensure resident satisfaction.


Maintenance made simple! Streamline your maintenance reporting, job allocation and job management with our platform designed to get all things maintenance completed in a quarter of the time. Streamline workflows and ensure properties are better maintained, ultimately enhancing their longevity and value.

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Feeling the pressure of managing your portfolio?

Is your task list overtaking your desk?


Bricks+Agent has transformed our operations at Nesti Housing. Being a registered community housing provider with a strong emphasis on trade compliance, finding the right solution for us was crucial. Bricks+Agent not only met but exceeded our expectations. 

Its ability to seamlessly manage trade compliance is central to ensuring we stay on top of compliance responsibilities. The integration with Xero has been incredibly beneficial, eliminating the hassle of double-handling invoices and reducing errors.  

Additionally, Bricks+Agent’s streamlined management of in-house trades and job orders has significantly improved our efficiency. It’s user-friendly, reliable, and tailored perfectly to our needs.  

In summary, Bricks+Agent is an essential tool for any housing agency looking to optimise processes and enhance efficiency, all within the one easy to use system.

Rod Pennings
Asset & Facilities Manager
Nesti Housing

Our Victorian housing teams switched to using Inspection Manager a few years ago and their feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The cloud-based technology makes it easy to adjust inspection details on the go and the platform itself is simple and easy to use. The tech support is second to none and a huge plus if you have large housing teams managing big portfolios.

Travis Gray
Housing Services Coordinator
Community Housing Ltd

Our maintenance processes have improved since implementing Bricks+Agent as we are now able to keep all of our maintenance notes, correspondence and communications all on one job request and computer system. This makes it an easier reference point for enquiries from tenants on where their job is up to, or if a different tenancy manager receives a enquiry regarding a maintenance request. It has also made managing maintenance in general feel more efficient on our end.

Kathy Samuels
Catholic Care Victoria