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Innovations That Are Changing the Game

Proptech Labs offers a range of tools designed to simplify your workflow and boost your productivity. Click on the links below to learn more about our products and discover how they can benefit your business.

Advanced Solution For Property Maintenance


AI Powered
Invoice Processing


Inspection Tool


Simplify Key


Property Management AI Assistant  


Advanced Solution For Property Maintenance


Bricks + Agent

Bricks and Agent has the most advanced maintenance platform ever built. Powered by smart rules and automations, it simplifies property management & saves you well in excess of 40% of property managers time.

Unified Application:

Consolidate maintenance and inspections in one seamless app.

AI-Powered Automation:

liminate repetitive tasks and enhance efficiency with AI-driven features.

Mobility and Apps:

Operate on-the-go with native apps for iOS and Android platforms.

Automated Invoicing:

Streamline payment procedures with centralized, automated invoice entries.

AI Powered Invoice Processing


Invoice Automate

Invoice Automate is an AI powered invoicing workflow solution that removes all the manual and mundane from your agency processing water, council, strata, insurance, Ind tax and other regular bills.

AI-Powered Invoicing:

Revolutionise billing processes with sophisticated AI-driven automation.

Seamless Synchronisation:

Integrate data instantly with your preferred trust accounting software.

Bulk Uploads:

Manage invoices efficiently with bulk uploads and direct email features.

Duplicate Detection:

Prevent overpayments and disputes with automatic duplicate bill flagging.

Advanced Inspection Tool


Inspection Manager

Efficiently Manage Your Inspections with the Most Comprehensive Solution on the Market. Perform video inspections, 360° inspections, handle digital leases, mobile apps and more.

Simplified Inspections:

Conduct and manage property inspections with ease and precision.

Brand Personalisation:

ailor inspection reports to align with your brand’s colours and logo.

Paperless Reports:

Complete and send condition reports directly from mobile devices.

Remote Inspections:

Proactively conduct inspections remotely, ensuring safety and convenience.

Simplify Key Management


Key Automate

Welcome to a new era of key management with Key Automate. Experience simplified key assignments, real-time insights, secure key management, and seamless integration with your property management software, all in one place.

Smart Key Assignment:

Assign and monitor keys with ease and precision.

Enhanced Security:

Safeguard against unauthorised access with advanced authentication protocols.

Real-Time Key Insights:

Track key status and lending periods centrally.

Seamless Integration:

Integrate effortlessly with your preferred property management software.

Assistant That Simplifies Property Management



Your AI powered assistant in property management. Jarvis assists by reaching out to you to assist with the day to day tasks you need to complete. It is your own assistant in the palm of your hand.

AI-Powered Assistant:

treamline workflows and automate routine tasks with Jarvis.

Efficient Request Management:

Handle tenant requests, track maintenance, and manage finances efficiently.

Real-Time Insights:

Make informed decisions quickly with access to real-time data.

User-Friendly Interface:

Navigate with ease through intuitive features and a simple interface.

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